The Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform (HEAR) campaign has published the first of a two-part comment piece analysing the recent Examiner piece on a 16-year old girl who went to Merseyside for an abortion in November 2016.

The HEAR comment piece points out that the real story here is the abuse of this girl by the abortion lobby across. The BPAS facility in Merseyside, in which her abortion took place, was only a fortnight ago criticised by the UK Clinical Quality Commission (CQC) for safety concerns due to 16 serious incidents reported there between January 2013 and February 2016. 11 of these were so serious that they resulted in patients being transferred to the local NHS Trust, which raised concerns with the CQC about the facility.

This itself came only a month after the CQC published another broader report criticising abortion practices in Marie Stopes International (MSI) facilities across the UK.

In the article, the girl describes being let out immediately after receiving the last abortifacient drugs and sent home to the Isle of Man, despite that the staff must have known that she would start heavily bleeding within four hours. This, with chilling reminiscence of past tragic cases, happened at the airport and meant that she experienced such severe pain that she required powerful pain relief. This was an abuse of that girl by the abortion industry across, a point not reported by the article at all.

Further details and points are in the HEAR comment piece. The next part will discuss other ways in which the teenage girl described in the article has been failed on-Island, and the reality of her unborn child and the abortion both of them endured.

HEAR spokesperson Hannah Grove, said:

“The Examiner piece gives a horrid account of how a young girl was abused by the abortion industry across. That anyone would cause a teenager to have a miscarriage, and then knowingly let her return home as an outpatient knowing that she would heavily bleed the remains of her endometrium (womb lining), and the remains of her almost seven-week baby, is appalling.

The abortion lobby, which when the first revelations came out about MSI abuses only bemoaned the lack of access to abortion the scandal could engender rather than the compromised safety of women, will actually try to argue that this is why we need to have abortions on-Island. The truth, however, is that if we introduced more permissive legislation such as that in Britain, all the abuses across would simply be imported here. The UK has a very strict regulatory regime (which is why they often discover and expose the abuses that have happened), but that does not stop women from being ill-treated, and abortions occurring that go beyond what the law strictly allows.

If we really want to help girls like the teenager described in Adrian Derbyshire’s article, we need to make sure that every woman and girl who goes through unplanned pregnancy has the support that she needs to have her baby. Denying the right-to-life of the baby and giving the mother over to abortion, is the opposite of the authentic compassion and care that every member of the Manx and human family deserves”.


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