The Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform (HEAR) campaign is calling on Tynwald to reject regressive abortion proposals that will be proposed by Dr. Alex Allinson, an MHK for Ramsey.

A supporter of CALM (the abortion lobby group on the Island) from its inception, Allinson seeks to reduce right-to-life protections for unborn children, and open the Island up to the abuses that have prevailed across. If as expected his proposals follow the failed permissive legislation in the UK, it would mean allowing a system that allows de facto abortion on demand. This has meant:

Permissive abortion dehumanises and kills children, hurts women, enables misogyny and disability discrimination, undermines the rights of medical professionals, and coarsens society. This is the inhumanity and inequality truly entailed by the kind of regressive abortion law that Allinson would like to introduce.

HEAR calls on the House of Keys to reject any proposal that would deny the human rights and dignity of unborn children, an unjust and false solution to the issues of unplanned pregnancy. Instead, let them consider humane alternatives such as providing increased support for pregnant mothers, improved help for the families of disabled babies in the womb, the improvement of mental health services on the Island and other reforms that would love both mother and baby.

HEAR spokesperson Hannah Grove, said:

Over the last year, it has become clear that Allinson’s idea of abortion reform is one that comprehensively ignores the humanity of the unborn child, the brutality of abortion, and the wider personal and social harms of failed permissive legislation such as that across.

Our current law has at least done a good job of maintaining general right-to-life protections for unborn children, and safeguarding Manx women from the worst effects of the system of abortion-on-demand in the UK. The Island has an abortion rate that is at least a third of England and Wales, and that is because of the wise strictures in our native 1995 legislation. We are way ahead of the UK, and adopting anything like their outdated and failed 1967 Act would be a regressive and hopeless folly.

Women deserve better than abortion; unborn children deserve better than abortion; the Isle of Man deserves better than abortion. Let Tynwald reject the inhumane permissive proposals of the abortion lobby, and instead embrace reforms that truly respect the dignity and equality of every member of the Manx and human family.


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