The Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform (HEAR) campaign is mourning the further loss of legal protections for unborn children and their mothers as the Abortion Bill proposed by Dr. Alex Allinson MHK gains Royal Assent.

The extreme law, now means that the following abuses are introduced into Manx law:

  • Formal abortion on demand, for any reason, up to 14 weeks. This includes formally legalising sex-selective abortion at least between 7-14 weeks once new non-invasive prenatal testing is rolled out across the north of England and the Isle of Man, as abortion becomes on demand with no necessary justification up to 14 weeks.
  • Potential informal abortion on demand as happens across, up to 24 weeks through widely interpretable ‘health’ and ‘social’ grounds. This would informally enable sex-selective abortion up to the third trimester.
  • Worsened disability discrimination in the law, introducing abortion for disability up to birth, and enabling the informally eugenic ‘screening out’ of babies with impairments.
  • Full legality of previously restricted barbaric late term abortion practices, such as causing the baby a fatal heart-attack through ‘feticide’, and tearing her apart using strong forceps through ‘Dilation and Evacuation’ (D&E).
  • Removed protections for unborn babies to be born alive and cared for after late terminations.
  • Removed criminal penalties for women who self-abort, taking away the ability of the courts to flexibly exercise justice as well as mercy in different circumstances.
  • Weakened conscience protections for medical professionals
  • Weakened parental rights through formal adoption of ‘Gillick Competency’. 

HEAR spokesperson Sue Richardson, said:

This is a dark and sad day for the Isle of Man, as we remove the sensible and civilised protections that existed in our own 1995 law, which while imperfect was light years ahead of the situation in the adjacent Island. We have further institutionalised injustice, inequality, and inhumanity into our laws, and the Island is a profoundly less gentle and special place as a consequence. 

Now, with the extreme Allinson Bill passed into law, we have imported the worst aspects of British abortion practice into our law, and actually introduce new abuses. Not only will this new Act enable sex-selective abortion from 7-14 weeks at least, but it enables further discrimination against unborn babies with disabilities, and bans compassionate help being offered to women outside abortion facilities, one of the few positive innovations across.

This cruel and illiberal law introduces abortion on demand up to at least 14 weeks (and potentially 24, depending on how the Act is implemented), and pointlessly removes legal offences that would have allowed for horrific killings of children inside the womb, such as in the cases of Sarah Catt and Natalie Towers in the UK. It also weakens conscience protections for doctors who refuse to be complicit in the process of killing baby human beings in their embryonic and foetal stages of development.

All this flies in the face of human compassion and the majority of Manx public opinion.

HEAR would like to thank those members of Tynwald who saw reason and tried to ameliorate the worst aspects of this Bill. There is a chance we may not have de facto abortion on demand up to 24 weeks, as the Bill originally intended, but as we say, it will depend on how the law is put into practice. Nonetheless, there was a notable imbalance in the Keys and LegCo debates, as a tiny minority of pro-abortion politicians have imposed an extreme law onto Islanders, whilst no Tynwald Parliamentarian presented the full and integral case for right to life of unborn children.

Those of us who opposed this Bill from the beginning now have the task, as do those members of future generations who survive this wicked Act, to undo this corruption of Manx values and our laws, and repair as best we can the damage to our society that abortion-on-demand will introduce. We will never stop fighting for the recognition of the humanity, dignity, and rights of every member of the Manx and human family.

Today marks the beginning of a new battle to restore and re-humanise our politics, and our society”.


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