The Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform (HEAR) campaign is marking a low Tynwald Day for the Isle of Man as the inhumane Abortion Act comes into effect.

The Act removes important protections for unborn children and their mothers, introducing formal abortion on demand up to 14 weeks, sex-selection up to the third trimester, eugenic discriminatory abortion against babies with disabilities up to birth, the legalisation of barbaric abortion practices that tear babies in the womb apart, and a host of other abuses that have been listed in the past, as well as the pre-emptive denial of freedom of expression to right-to-life campaigners who may in the future wish to offer real choice and support to women.

HEAR spokesperson Sue Richardson, said:

“Tynwald Day is meant to be a day of national pride and celebration. This year it is marred by the shame and humiliation of the promulgation of the most inhumane abortion law in the British Isles, and one of the most worst in Europe more widely in its denial of human equality.

We mark this day solemnly, but resolve ourselves to work for a day when the humanity and dignity of all members of the Manx and human family are respected, and the right to life of the most vulnerable members of our society is protected in law”.

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